‘Sahodara Piyapath’ is one of the leading social

programmes conducted by the SSU of the University of Peradeniya.

Over the years we have developed an

effective social programme to assist our younger

brothers and sisters who are now studying at schools

which are located in deep remote areas, well away from

major cities


We not

only carry out organized academic sessions but also grant students with scholarships for

further education, and from 2016 onwards, we have also started development of rural

schools which lacks even the basic infrastructure facilities.



Nenasara Scholarship

Nenasara scholarship fund was initiated to help our own brothers and sisters with financial difficulties in our faculty. Though the government funded scholarships are available, due their limitations in selecting eligible candidates, not all the students in need are facilitated through them. Therefore Nenasara Scholarship fund financially aids around 30 students from all the batches to continue their education without worrying about their financial needs.



Geethanjalee was first held in 2009 as a show by the students of the Faculty Art Circle. The stunning success of this programme encouraged the students to organize a larger event in aid of the "Nanasara" Scholarship programme. That same year the first major Geethanjalee show was held at the University Gymnasium.


After many successful  years, the 9th edition was held at the same venue in 2017. Featuring Wayo, Rookantha Gunathilaka and Senanayake Weraliyadda, it drew massive crowds and was an astounding success. Geethanjalee 2017 saw the highest crowd participation at a concert at the University of Peradeniya and keeps growing....